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Meet Scott: A Lifelong Resident Committed to Cascade

Scott Rissi has deep roots in Cascade, where he grew up and continues to reside with his wife and their two children. His entrepreneurial journey began early in life. As a middle school student, Scott started mowing lawns in his neighborhood, demonstrating resourcefulness and dedication by using his boat to transport his mower to the homes of his customers. Many of those early customers are still with him today, highlighting his commitment to quality and community.

Over the years, Scott's landscaping maintenance business has flourished. Together with his partner, he has expanded their customer base to over 250 clients, many of whom have been loyal for over two decades. This enduring success is a testament to Scott’s reliability, hard work, and the trust he has built within the community.

Scott's entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond landscaping. He has diversified his ventures to include several rental properties, showcasing his ability to manage and grow multiple businesses.

Community Involvement and Leadership

Scott has a long history of dedicated service to Cascade and its surrounding areas. For the past 10 years, he has served on the Planning Commission, including two years as Chair, where he has been instrumental in shaping smart development policies. As the President of the Cascade Thornapple River Association for a decade, Scott has worked tirelessly to protect and enhance one of the community's most treasured natural resources.

In addition, Scott is the current Chair of Cascade Pathways, where he advocates for the development and maintenance of safe, accessible pathways for all residents. His commitment to community service extends to his role as an usher and member at Ada Bible Church, his involvement with the Lowell Parks Committee, and his leadership as Chairman of the Youth Program for the Water Wonderland Chapter.

Scott's extensive experience in community service, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit and successful business ventures, underscores his dedication to the well-being and growth of Cascade.

Commitment to Smart Development

Scott believes in smart, sustainable development that respects Cascade's unique character while accommodating growth. He understands that thoughtful planning and community engagement are crucial to maintaining the balance between development and preserving the natural beauty and charm of Cascade. Scott is dedicated to working with residents and local businesses to ensure that development projects benefit the community and enhance the quality of life for all.

With his extensive experience in community service and his entrepreneurial background, Scott is committed to fostering a collaborative environment where all stakeholders have a voice. His focus on sustainable development aims to create a thriving community that honors Cascade's heritage while looking forward to a prosperous future.

Passion for Seniors and Solving Transportation Challenges

Scott is particularly passionate about supporting the senior community in Cascade. He recognizes the importance of ensuring that seniors have access to the services and transportation they need to live independently and with dignity. Scott is committed to finding innovative solutions to improve senior transportation, making it easier for them to stay connected and engaged with the community. He plans to collaborate with local organizations and stakeholders to develop programs that address these vital needs.

By focusing on the specific needs of seniors, Scott aims to create a more inclusive and supportive community where residents of all ages can thrive. His dedication to enhancing senior services reflects his broader commitment to improving the quality of life for all residents of Cascade.

Fiscal Responsibility and Balanced Budgets

With a proven track record of managing successful businesses, Scott understands the importance of fiscal responsibility. He is committed to applying his business skills to the township's finances, ensuring that Cascade operates within a balanced budget. Scott believes in transparent financial practices and will work diligently to allocate resources efficiently, prioritize essential services, and invest in projects that provide long-term benefits to the community.

Scott's dedication to fiscal responsibility reflects his broader commitment to serving the best interests of Cascade and its residents. By managing finances wisely and prioritizing long-term sustainability, he aims to create a financially stable environment that fosters growth and prosperity for all.

Scott's dedication to Cascade, combined with his entrepreneurial experience, extensive community involvement, and commitment to smart development, makes him a strong candidate for bringing positive change to the township. He is ready to lead with integrity, vision, and a deep love for the community he calls home.


With his proven track record of service and his passion for improving the lives of Cascade residents, Scott is well-equipped to address the challenges and opportunities facing the township. His leadership will be characterized by transparency, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to building a brighter future for all.

Scott Rissi Cascade Dam
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